Our After-School Program Themes


Mesmerizing Science

Observation, Hypothesis, and Experiment are the foundations of scientific exploration. But be prepared to be amazed…you’ll have trouble believing your own eyes or ears on this spellbinding expedition through the science of sound, magic, illusion and color!


Planes, Cranes & Awesomemobiles

Attention all Junior Engineers! Explore the fundamentals of the forces that hold our planet and buildings together in this fun series of classes that will help you both fly through the air and anchor you firmly to the ground!



Using LEGO® bricks, kids build a different engineering-themed project in each class. They explore different engineering fields including mechanical, structural, aerospace, nautical, and bioengineering. They use critical thinking and creative problem-solving to test and improve their creations.


NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers

NASA and Mad Science collaborate to educate the next generation! Children go on a voyage of discovery with unique hands-on activities, and amazing demonstrations that explore the sun and stars, space technology, rocket science, the atmosphere, planets and moons, and more!


Science of Machines

Probe the radical world of machines and their evolution from simple machines to the complex world of robotics. Develop a foundation of understanding for the different sciences that support our mechanical friends including circuit electricity, physics and automation. Be a machine maniac!


Morphin' Molecules

Have you ever wondered why glow-in-the-dark glows, how to freeze water in seconds, or who put the pop in soda pop? Step into the Mad Science Laboratory to find the answers! Grab a bubbling potion and be amazed as your Mad Scientist unveils the delightful world of Morphin’ Molecules.


Project Earth

This 6-week series features classes designed to spark imaginative learning about our very own planet Earth! Dig deep underground to unearth molten lava, learn what a variety of animals need to do to survive, dive into the deep-water abyss and learn the lingo of weather--all in the comfort of our Mad Science Classroom!


Meet Me in the Lab

Put on your goggles and practice your mad laugh! This program focuses on every Mad Scientists true home: the Laboratory! Explore the worlds of Chemistry and Physics and learn hands-on with some of the same equipment used by the greatest scientists of our time.


Take a Bite out of Science

Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the type of science that we encounter in our everyday lives. Find out how nutrition, chemistry and energy work together to keep us healthy and happy!


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