Non-School Day Classes


Build a Monster

Build your own Monster! "The leg bone's connected to the thigh bone." And what is a brain anyway? Explore the ingredients and learn the life systems to build a creature. This crash course in human biology is full of activities and fun!


Electrifying Science

Learn about electricity, its properties, and its role in natural phenomena. Make indoor lightning, build a series and parallel circuit, and conduct hair-raising experiments with our electro-static generator!


Garden Friends

Examine a world within our own! Learn the parts of an insect as well as how they defend themselves. Experiment to find the ideal worm habitat. Observe worms on the move and learn why bees dance. Take home your very own worm composter and find out exactly what it means to be bug-eyed!


Habitats & Adaptations

Explore paws and claws and the animals that use them to survive. See how plants and animals are connected and how they interact with their surroundings. Learn about animal adaptations and about the many cycles and systems that make our planet home to so many creatures. Create your own mini ecosystem to take home.


Jr. Chemists

Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the world of acids and bases! Get to know your chemical reactions on an atomic level! Junior Chemists will give you a crash course in constructing the elements and substances we encounter in our everyday lives. Explore the pH extremes with your Reaction Tube Kit in what is sure to be a popping experience.


Living & Working in Space

Experience the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight! Use teamwork to complete an important mission. Build a model space station, find hidden objects using radar technology, and see how laser light travels. Discover everyday technology that was designed for space! This class is one of four in our NASA: Academy of Future Space Explorers series.


Mechanical Engineers

Flex your engineering muscles while learning about leavers, screws, and other simple machines. Experiment with rubber band powered cars using the scientific method as your guide, and build your own Mad Science Drag Racer to take home!


Mysteries of the Lab

Welcome to the lab! Bubbling beakers and graduated cylinders abound. Learn the techniques of a top notch Mad Scientist while practicing on your own kid safe lab ware. Test your skills while uncovering the mysteries of one of the most fundamental and exciting branches of science - chemistry!


Ocean Life

Swim through the warm sunlit zones of the ocean, meander into deeper waters and finally dive deep down into the abyss. Explore the technologies that can take us there!The ocean if full of wonders and we want to keep it that way. Icky, sticky oil can make quite a mess when it ends up where it shouldn’t. Discover what damage it causes, and devise a way to clean it up!


Planets, Moons & Stars

Explore Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond. This stellar program is your ticket to the stars! Watch star dust burn, journey through a soapy galaxy, and investigate the life cycle of a star. Journey to the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse while learning about planetary order, size and orbit. This class is one of four in our NASA: Academy of Future Space Explorers series.


Rocket Science

Investigate the four forces of flight with the help of a Unique Flying Object! Explore the science involved in rocket constructions as you build your own Skyblazer II Rocket™ that you can take home! See the principles of propulsion at work as your Mad Scientist launches our own rocket hundreds on feet into the air! This class is one of four in our NASA: Academy of Future Space Explorers series.


Science Detectives

Discover how science is used to solve real crimes! The classroom is transformed into a Mad Science crime lab for this exciting exploration of the fundamentals of forensics. With your new found detective skills, explore the chemistry behind your favorite foods and help solve the mystery of the missing cookie recipe!


Space Phenomena

Take a break from space and breath the air down here. Earth's atmosphere has special properties that make our planet unique. Learn about our atmosphere, objects found beyond, and what happens when the the two collide! This class is one of four in our NASA: Academy of Future Space Explorers series.


Sticky Slimy Science

Discover the difference between sticky and slimy. Ooze into a morning of sliming around! Create slime using the Mad Science recipe, and then enter the Slime Olympics. Stick it to the walls, and push the power of tape to the limits! Build a bond with glue and get attached to Professor Beakerdude!


Weather Rocks!

Take a voyage to the center of the Earth! We’ll investigate the powerful process that shapes our planet and forms remarkable rocks, magnificent minerals, and glittering gems. Our Earth is also affected by weather and erosion. The forecast calls for meteorological mayhem in the form of thunderbolts, heavy winds, and the occasional tornado – all produced in the safety of our laboratory.


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