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Winter Session - November 26, 2018 through January 25, 2019.
Please submit availability by AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Paper copies will be available at the Friday Meeting/Training on Nov. 9th.
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  • We do our best to schedule you for the number of classes that work best for you.  Please keep in mind that your availability directly affects your workload.  The more you are available the more likely you will be given the optimum number of assignments.  Example: if you cannot work on Tuesday and all we have are Tuesday classes left on the schedule you miss an opportunity for work.
  • Equipment is due back in the office before 1:00 on Friday afternoons.
  • Equipment is NOT available for check out until 2:00 on Friday afternoons.  
  • The weekly meeting is scheduled for Friday at 1:00 through 2:30 pm and is MANDATORY.
  • Daily availability is defined as the time you are in your car and ready to drive to your assignment.





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Save yourself time and click this box if your schedule is open and you can do workshops as well as Taste of Mad Science and other assignments. If you check this box you do not need to check any other boxes! Click this column if you are only available to accept an ASP program.  Availability generally from noon through 6:00 pm. What time can you be in your car ready to drive to your ASP? By what time will you need to be in your car driving away from the ASP? Can't work on this day? Check this box. If you check this box you do not need to check any other boxes.


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