Our Conservation Shows


Where's the Water, Watson

This show highlights the unique and magical attributes of water by using the water cycle as the learning model, using music, interactive engagement, and visual imagery. It will both entertain and educate our young audiences (K to 2nd grade). Learning points: the many ways we use water, the water cycle, and how we can conserve water in our daily lives.


Energy to Share

Mad Science and Portland General Electric have joined together to present this electrifying 30 minute assembly (4-6th grade) which includes fast-facts and quick tips on using and conserving electrical energy. Learning points: how electricity gets to our homes, sources of renewable and nonrenewable energy, and easy conservation steps


On the Grid

"On the Grid" is a 30-minute interactive presentation designed to inspire students (4-6th grade) to take charge of the future! After a glimpse at the evolution of the electrical\ninfrastructure known as "the Grid," we show them how science is already integrating new\ntechnologies to create a "Smart Grid!" Students are also shown the role everyone plays in energy conservation


What Do You Know about H2O?

This entertaining and interactive science assembly highlights the limited availability of fresh drinking water and the importance of using it wisely. Students (3-5th grade) will learn just how much water is used for things not often associated with water. Learning points: the importance of clean water, why conservation is important, steps everyone can take to help conserve water