Our Demonstration Fun Station Themes


Optical Illusions

"Seeing is not always believing!" Kids will experience optical illusions that will leave them "seeing" how easy it is to fool our eyes. Beginning with the camera obscura students will explore diffreaction, 3_D, holograms and much, much more.



Students will experience the invisible force that affects so many systems in our world. Kid-friendly experiments demonstrate home magnetism is harnessed and used. Kids interact with a magnet in motion, magnetic liquids, and levitating tops. The Mad Scientist leads students in an exploration of a mangadoodle, a St. Louis Motor, and an alien catapulting electromagnet.


Zap Attack

It's hair-raising fun with our electrostatic generator! Learn the rules of electricity while experimenting with conductors and circuitry! children can explore hands on activities that include building a parallel circuit, testing for conductivity, and trying their little hands oat our very own steady-hands electrical buzzer game!


Sublimation Station

Students always marvel at the scientific properties of dry ice! kids will be amazed by bubbles that float on a alyer of sublimated gas; will enjoy cooling off under a dry ice shower and witness balloons being "magically" inflated. Top that off with the spinning "Hero's engine" powerd by, you guessed it, dry ice!



Science, science and more science! Kids and parents alike are excited to learn the science basics behind old-fashioned "cell" phones, whirling tornados, clackers, static chambers, sound waves and more! A great collection of hands-on experiments for children to explore.


Super Structures

Join our Mad Scientist for a fun-filled exploration of boats and bridges. Discover the hidden strength of triangles, arches and cylinders. Which shapes are the strongest? What makes a penny sink but a 97,000-ton aircraft carrier float? Test your engineering skills in our boat & bridge building challenges


Super Power Sources

What do a river, sunlight and the wind all have in common? Power up your creativity as we explore all of these alternative sources of energy! Experiment with light, water and even chemical reactions to harness the electrons that energize our world.


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