Our Make-and-Take Fun Station Themes


Slimy Science

Discover the ooey gooey origins of plastic and see why plastic is so hard to break. Kids make their own slippery slime to go!


Crank and Shine

These kid powered flashlights help students learn about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. This station complements the Super Power sources discovery station or Zap Attack. Powered by battery or a mechanical generator that kids activate, this activity shines light on alternate energy sources!


Eye Spy

Up Periscopes! Exploring the world through a periscope will prepare your students to explore other optical illusions. This booth is a terrific addition to the Optical Illusions Science Discovery Station


Catapult Build

Explore potential and kinetic energy with the Mad Science catapult. This project highlights tension, friction and the power of simple machines. Each child builds their own for continued experimentation at home.


Mighty Magnet

After experiencing magnetism first hand at the Magnetism Science Discovery Station the might Magnets Made-and-Take Booth gives kids the opportunity to extend the learning long after the booth is over.


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