Our Grades 3-6 Workshop Themes


Black and Blue Oceans

Icky, sticky oil can make quite a mess when it ends up where it shouldn’t. Discover what damage it causes when it accidentally enters our environment, and devise a way to clean it up!



Get under your own skin as the Mad Scientist leads you on a journey into your body. Discover the micro-world of cells. Cytoplasm? Mitochondria? Ribosome? What are they and what job do they do for you?



Not all webs are made by spiders! See how plants and animals are connected and how they interact with their surroundings. Work with classmates to create your own ecosystem.



Don’t insulate yourself form this electrifying class! Visit the circuit circus and discover its positives and negatives. Apply your knowledge and create and play a buzz-making electric game.


Mineral Mania

Discover Planet Earth! Peek behind its crust, and uncover what it’s made of. Recreate the process of rock formation and learn how scientist classify and identify rocks and minerals. Experience the thrill of panning for gems that you get to take home and keep!


Mischievous Magnets

You’ll discover that opposites really do attract in this exciting look at Magnetism. Visit the North and South poles and explore their fields! Build your very own compass, and learn how magnets can help you find your way!


Playing with Polymers

See why chemicals have all the fun! We’ll explore, create, and play with the most entertaining and useful molecule known to science, and discover its many shapes and forms! We’ll even make our polymer that you get to take home and keep.


Scientific Method

OHEC...Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, & Observation. Use this high-energy class to excite kids about the whole process of scientific discovery.


Scientific Method 2.0

OHEC...Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, & Observation. In this high-energy class students will explore the science of elastic energy, and discover why some balls bounce, and others fall flat!


Turn Up the Volume

Children will use critical thinking skills and the scientific method to explore the concept of volume and how it is measured using the metric system.


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