Our Grades K-2 Workshop Themes



Dig into the world of worms! Experiment to find the ideal worm habitat. Observe worms on the move. Experience how worms eat and take home your very own worm composter!



Become a Paleontologist and learn all about excavating and recovering fossils. Discover all about Dinosaurs, what they were, and what they ate and where they went.


Seeking our Senses

Learn to be a sense-ative person! Test your vision with our mind-boggling illusions. Navigate your nerves and give your ears a hand by amplifying sounds with your very own Mad Science Megaphone.


Slippery Science

Giant molecule chains called Polymers are vital to modern civilization and to life itself! Learn what makes these maverick molecules to unique and so very important. Explore, create, and play with some polymers you may already know.


Sound Basics

The Beach Boys sang of good vibrations, and that’s exactly what we’ll look at! Surf sound waves, catch some, and amplify others. Play with a supersonic banger and compose a Mad Science Symphony.


Magnificent Magnets

Don’t be repelled! Experience the pull of magnetism. Find out exactly what magnets like to “hang out” with. Visit the North and South poles and frolic in invisible fields. Build magnificent magnet chains and play with some of the wildest forces in the universe.


Measure for Measure

A hands-on look at the metric system. Children will learn how to measure mass and lengths and to put these skills to the test what they have to trek through a treasure trail.


Where’s the Air?

Bernoulli never had it so good in this fun look at air pressure and aerodynamics. Why do airplanes fly and boats float? Let’s take a close, hands-on look at all sorts of neat stuff involving Bernoulli’s principles.


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