Our Preschool Workshop Themes


Adventures in Air

Learn that even though air is invisible, it is all around you all the time. Learn that air has the power to both move and slow things down. Experiment with things that rely on the air to help them move.



Come and visit the exciting world of color. Make a new friend while learning about all the colors of the rainbow. Learn about primary colors and experiment during an activity on color mixing.



Get introduced to some Dinosaurs! Learn the differences between meat eating and plant eating animals and look at some dinosaur teeth up close. Go on a mini-dinosaur dig.


Eye to Eye

Experiment with magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes and binoculars in this exciting workshop that will introduce you to your sense of sight. Play with a variety of optical illusions to illustrate that your eyes can sometimes play tricks on you.


Keep in Touch

Understand the world with your sense of touch. Can you meet the challenge and identify objects using only your sense of touch? Recognize that some objects are safe to touch and others are not.


Lights On

Rainbows and white light… learn that light helps us see. Explore how white light is made up of all the colors in the rainbow. Learn that shining light through different colored materials will change the color of light.


Listen Closely

Whiz, boom, bang! What is the science behind the sounds all around you? Experiment with a wave motion model and a twirling tube to understand sound waves. Learn about everyday materials that make special effects noises in the movies and watch and hear a bee buzz above your head.


Magnetic Attraction

Students will experiment to determine if different objects are magnetic or not. Through different activities the preschoolers will be introduced to the invisible magnetic field around magnets.


Space Frontiers

Put on your spacesuits and get ready to take a trip to the moon to pick up moon rocks. Learn all about the nine planets that revolve around the star we call the Sun. Join us as we talk about the stars we see at night and make some of our own constellations.


Taste & Smell

Yummy and Yuck! Explore the four tastes: salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Use your nose to identify smells and end by painting sweet smelling pictures.



Get down and dirty learning all about worms! Get up close with a magnifying glass and explore the lives and habits of our friend, the worm.


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